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Open Web Floor Trusses 

  Floor Trusses are manufactured with an open web design to allow wires, plumbing, and HVAC chases to be run with ease. No drilling or cutting, resulting in a cleaner and faster installation with fewer repairs and less wasted time for Inspectors, Owners and General Contractors. The 3-1/2" chords provide increased surface area for attaching subfloor seams.

Kingdon Floor Trusses are capable of clear-spanning up to 30', resulting in large open spaces without any posts to break up the room.

  If you are in the market for a new home and the idea of a stronger, quieter floor appeals to you, ask for Open Web Floor Trusses. You will be delighted to discover just how affordable superior quality can be. In order to provide trouble-free installation and the highest quality floor possible, every Floor Truss package is individually designed and engineered.

  Old fashioned 2x10 floor joists are cut from mature forests. It is in everyone's best interest to preserve these pristine forests for our future generations to enjoy. Kingdon Floor Trusses use 2x4 members from renewable young-growth forests.

Wood Trusses

Wood Trusses

Wood floor with wooden webs range from 12" to 20" in depth with spans up to 30' long.



Lighter and more cost effective for shallow depths and spans up to 20', available in depths of 9-1/4, 11-1/4, 12-3/4" and 16"

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