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Roof Trusses Range in length from 6' to over 80' at any desired pitch or configuration to fit your project needs.

Kingdon Truss has been building trusses longer than anyone in Canada! Our experience in truss design and manufacturing means that you will receive the best service and product possible.

Trusses are used on top of your walls, forming the ceiling and roof of your home. We design them to fit your exact specification and engineer them to provide many years of beauty and protection for you and your family.

At Kingdon Truss our flexibility of design allows us to design roof trusses for literally any place in North America. Our dedicated and highly trained truss design team will answer all of your questions and make buying trusses an easy and satisfying experience.

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From 8’ to 24’ Stock Trusses are great for anything like a shed, garage, barn, hunt camp or cottage.

Our Stock Trusses are all common-style trusses with a 4/12 slope. They are designed to meet or exceed the snow load requirements in our sales area.

Since we manufacturer them in large quantities, we can pass on those savings to our customers!

Stock trusses are a quick and cost effective way to add a roof to your next small project!


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