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Amvic ICF Block


Why Build with Amvic ICF?

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are revolutionizing modern construction and rapidly changing the way we build homes, commercial buildings and institutional structures. Amvic Building System is leading this revolution by providing the highest quality and highest performance ICF on the market.

Superior Product


Superior Product - StrengthAmvic ICFs are designed with 2.5 inches of 1.5lb/cf density foam on both sides of a form containing 8 uniquely designed polypropylene webs spaced 6 inches on center compared to 8 inches on center in most competing products. Amvic webs also use more raw material than other ICF blocks, which allows for a 198 lb pull out strength for drywall screws and makes the form more rigid. The webs also have a uniquely designed rebar holding system that reduces the need for tie downs and places the rebar in the most effective locations to ensure superior structural strength. Amvic ICF is the strongest block on the market as proven by Canadian Construction Material Center (CCMC) forming capacity strength test in technical guide 03131 at 865 lbs./sq. ft. Not only is Amvic’s ICF currently the only ICF to pass this test, but the test requirements were surpassed substantially.

When filled with concrete, Amvic ICF consistently performs and does not blow out. With Amvic you can use a pencil vibrator to internally consolidate the concrete and ensure that the walls will be properly consolidated without any voids.

Reduced Costs

Labor savings
Amvic ICF “5 in 1″ system incorporates structure, insulation vapor barrier, sound barrier and attachments for drywall and exterior siding all in one step, reducing labor requirements and construction delays. An experienced ICF crew can often complete the foundation and/or walls of a typical home in a matter of days, compared to the weeks it might take conventional framers. In addition, it only takes one crew to do the foundation, above-grade exterior walls and framing of interior walls and roof. This reduces the coordination involved between crews, and improves the structure’s quality. Due to Amvic’s FormLock technology there is no need to glue or tie the blocks together in the stacking process. The webs are also designed to grip the rebar so no tying is required in this step either. Lastly, the blocks are fully reversible, so your workers do not have to waste time thinking about how the blocks fit together. This combination makes Amvic the easiest, most user friendly block on the market and therefore greatly reduces your labor requirements.

Waste Reduction
Since the Amvic ICF system has web placement 6 inches on center, many cut-off pieces can be re-used in the wall. By using Amvic over competing products you will greatly reduce waste and save money.

Minimal Tools & Machinery Requirements
Labor savingsAmvic ICFs are lightweight, which allows you to benefit from commercial grade construction without heavy machinery costs. Forklifts, man and masonry block lifts, cement mixers, heaters and tarps, are not required for ICF construction. As for tools, only a handsaw, foam gun, portable rebar cutter and bracing are required for ICF construction. In addition, electricity is not mandatory on an ICF job site. The elimination of these ongoing soft costs from the construction site can be substantial.

Ease of Construction

Ease of Construction - LightweightAmvic ICFs are lightweight, requiring little effort to lift and carry therefore greatly reducing the number of back strains and injuries from construction. The weight of 1 sq. ft of masonry wall is equivalent to the weight of over 42. sq. ft of an Amvic ICF wall. Not only are compensation costs reduced, but crews are safe, much less tired and maintain strength throughout the day. Amvic ICFs are easy to cut and shape making unconventional wall shapes manageable.

Amvic ICFs are fully reversible making the stacking process quick and simple. The innovative design and manufacturing consistency means the forms virtually align themselves to create straight walls. Amvic also features the superior FormLockTM interlocking system that requires no taping, gluing or tying.

Technical Support

Installation Training
Amvic offers a unique training seminar which covers the basics of ICF construction. For more training information click here.

Technical Support
Amvic is the number one choice for high quality forms and knowledgeable technical support. We have the most qualified staff in the ICF industry. With two PhDs and our engineers, we are professionally capable of addressing your technical needs and answering any questions you may have.

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