Click link below for floor and roof framing details for the current series of TJI. (s31, s33, s47 - 2015)  

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  Years ago, homeowners weren't concerned with squeaky floors. Today things are different; in fact the Trus-Joist Silent Floor system employs today's most advanced technology in order to create a floor system far superior to any conventional framing method available.

  Old style floors use 2x10 lumber for support which can unfortunately shrink, twist and warp producing the uneven, squeaky floor that every homeowner fears.

  Trus-Joist, on the other hand, uses specially designed Oriented Strand Board (OSB) to form a composite wood I-beam. This innovative design resists shrinkage and will not warp, twist or crown. The result is a perfectly flat floor.


The advantages don't stop there. Although Trus-Joist joists use far less wood than traditional joists, the material is arranged to produce a substantially stronger joist. And stronger joists means stiffer floors, longer spans and fewer bearing walls and columns. 

This allows for flexibility in design that no traditional joist can offer.

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